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Women's t-shirts from Simons

T-shirts are arguably the most versatile garment in anybody's wardrobe. They can be dressed up or dressed down; saved for special occasions or worn every day; worn as an undergarment or as the centrepiece of an eye-catching ensemble. With its almost unlimited potential uses, it's no surprise that the T-shirt is so ubiquitous the world over. So check out our handpicked collection of tees from our own private labels and some of the freshest brands around. You'll be sure to find pieces that speak to your style and add an entirely new dimension of versatility to your personal collection.

T-shirt 101

Originally an undergarment for military uniforms, the classic T-shirt gained fashion fame and mainstream acceptance after being sported by movie icons like Marlon Brando and James Dean in the 1950s. Today, T-shirts are a fashion staple for men and women alike, and come complete with all the options you'd expect from a world-dominating garment. That includes neckline styles from crew to boat, scoop, and v-neck, as well as sleeve-length options including short, cap, elbow-length, three-quarter, and long. As for materials, patterns, and graphics—the choice is almost endless, so let your imagination run free.

How to dress up a T-shirt

We carry T-shirts that are designed to be dressy in and of themselves. But you can dress up virtually any tee with the right layers and accessories. For instance, you can create a practical-yet-sweet combo by adding in a vest, or tie on a lightweight scarf to add an extra level of interest. Alternatively, a statement necklace has the potential to add charm and class to any T-shirt—especially one with a low scoop neckline that creates a blank canvas around the collarbone. Of course, you can always wear a tee as it was originally intended: as a visible undergarment for a distinctive shirt or jacket.

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