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Men's wallets from Simons

In the modern, digitized world, few accessories are as personal as your wallet. In addition to holding your identity in a very literal sense—ID cards, credit cards, business cards—it's also an extension of your look. That means it has to speak to your style, your taste, and your personality. As such, choosing a new wallet is a very personal process that shouldn't be rushed. So get comfortable, browse our curated collection of men's wallets from some of the best and brightest brands around, and pick out the piece that best expresses who you are.?

Billfolds, money clips, and card holders

"Wallet" is a broad term used to encapsulate a number of styles, designs, and variations. Billfolds are the classic wallet, especially in the bi-fold configuration, which folds in the middle to create two equal sides for your essentials. Beyond that, there are larger designs, such as the multifunctional passport case, as well as increasingly popular smaller designs like money clips and the card holder, which has reduced capacity but also a much slimmer profile. Whichever style you choose, keep an eye out for handy design features like RFID protection to prevent card skimming of your microchipped credit and debit cards.?

Our quick wallet-buying tips?

If you're willing to leave your non-essential cards at home, then your options may open up to include smaller wallets as well as full-sized billfolds. But don't only think about size: also consider the kind of ensembles you normally wear. If you're a suit wearer, you can't go wrong with dark leather—but if jeans are your everyday garb, a light leather wallet will eventually earn a unique patina from that constant exposure to denim. And you're not limited to just one wallet: you could always switch to a card holder in those balmy summer months when no jacket is needed.?

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